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Keysnake (White)


Product Information:


The green and white Keysnakes have the same functionality - the only difference is appearance.

The entire Keysnake design is custom built.

The Keysnake is essentially a computer that is connected to 49 LED lights.

The tongue is two USB-C cables, one for receiving power and one for connecting to a digital piano/keyboard via MIDI or USB as a host device.

Injection moulds are used to create the head casing from a strong plastic in order to protect the mother board within. 

The custom motherboard runs lightning fast firmware for instant boot time and no damage caused by sudden power cuts.

The body is made of a rubberised material that grips to the keys. The belly has bumps which allows the Keysnake to sit comfortably over the black keys. The body is flexible and can be curled upwards for transport.

The Keysnake has a resistive spring in its neck so that its head can be adjusted to point in any direction. 

The Keysnake is symmetrical which allows for it to be positioned facing either left or right, depending on your preference. 

The Keysnake has no buttons, switches or batteries.

The hardware is patent and design IP protected.


The app runs on both Android and iOS devices.

Before purchasing a Keysnake you have the option to download the PlugAndPlink app entirely for free and browse its features. The app includes a Keysnake emulator so you will be able to visualise what effect your actions would have on your real Keysnake.

There are no in-app purchases. You get the full thing, for free, forever.

Once you purchase your Keysnake, the app will connect to it via bluetooth and from there you can follow the fast installation steps to set your Keysnake up.

The setup comes with diagrams, videos, help documents and chat support as we want you to start playing as quickly and easily as possible.

The app asks for permissions to use Bluetooth (and therefore location) to communicate with
your Keysnake, the camera for scanning QR codes, and audio for voice prompts.

The Keysnake is entirely controlled with the PlugAndPlink app.

Firmware updates are performed in-app. This will allow the Keysnake to keep improving after purchase.


Please allow approximately 2 - 4 days for UK shipping and approximately 3 - 17 days for international shipping

Additional Information

The Keysnake is both FCC and CE compliant

FCC Verification Number: GZCR2309000908LMV

UK Patent Publication Number: GB2591522

UK Design Reg: 6057651

EU Design Reg: 007523394

Company Number: 14866529

United States Design Patent US D952,026 S